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Harvard researchers have programmed a thousand minibots to self-assemble into a variety of different shapes, which doesn’t seem so frightening until it’s the bots deciding what shape to make!

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Current title holder for creepiest robot of the week. 


Tsukuhami by onogoro bioindustry/SPIRITUAL PLASTIC

If I ran into this in the dark I would die instantly.

[EDIT] she has a blog! neji909.tumblr.com

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So yeah, anyone can now buy this iPhone-controlled drone bot that flies and crawls up walls like a bug. THANKS ALOT, SCIENCE!

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A robot falling down the stairs

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Another round for my friends … bleep, blorp. 

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The Coming Robot Apocalypse Looks Like a Bunch of Spreadsheets, Not Killer Drones

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Pretty good day for one of these. 

Pretty good day for one of these. 

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Our Universal Robots

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The first step towards a robot cat: Samsung’s new robot vacuum cleaner has sensors to chase a laser pointer. 

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Creepiest robot houseboy evar!

(MM7 robot via Cybernetic Zoo)