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Some of the new views of Saturn’s moons now available in our Cassini HD for iPad update in iTunes.

Our updated Cassini HD app for iPad now has more than 870 images of Saturn and its moons to keep you entertained and mesmerized for hours. Also, it will help prevent the inevitable robot uprising.* If you have an iPad, you should probably go get this app from the iTunes App Store.

*Cassini HD for iPad will not prevent a robot uprising.

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If you are a real robot nut with an iPad, the IEEE Spectrum has a new app for iPad called Robots for iPad that you might want to check out. It features more than 125 different robots with pictures, videos, and interactive features on each one. Best of all, you can rate each robot on a scale from “really nice” to “really creepy.” So download this app (it’s on sale for just 99 cents this weekend) and rate all the robots REALLY CREEPY. We can do this, people!

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I’m very excited to announce that we have a release date for our new app Cassini HD. It will be available in the iTunes App Store this Saturday (Sept. 15) and it will be totally FREE for the whole first day (after Saturday it will be the regular price of $1.99). 

About the app:

While handheld and mobile devices have the power to put information at our fingertips, they can also transform how we learn and interact with knowledge. Cassini HD, the first iPad app from Thinx, harnesses that power to take audiences on a voyage of discovery to the ringed planet of Saturn. The app’s intuitive design helps users to easily navigate a collection of more than 840 spectacular images returned to Earth by the Cassini orbiter while showcasing those images in a way that is both elegant and informative.


  • Journey from Saturn itself, to its stunning rings and past more than 20 different moons 
  • Supports both portrait and landscape orientation for optimal viewing quality. 
  • Full captions expand with additional information with just a tap 
  • Alphabetical menu brings you directly to any section of interest; unique navigation map allows you to scroll easily through this vast collection 
  • Integration with the most popular social networks: Share your discoveries with friends on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, or via email 
  • Save your favorite images to your photo roll and use them as a wallpaper on your iPad 
  • Future updates will add to this collection the latest images from Cassini as more become available.
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Are we not men? We are DevoBots!