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From the trailer, I am very intrigued by the like the look of Automata, but the creepiest thing about this robot uprising movie might be Melanie Griffith. 

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Just a quick note that the 3rd annual Robot Film Festival is happening this weekend in San Francisco. You know you’ll have to sit through their films anyway after the impending robot uprising, might as well get started now.

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Alt Text: Six Robot Movies — Without the Robots | Underwire |

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A power surge from the robot would be too much for one pilot. They fuse together through memories into one single mind. So it’s a single mind with two pilots and one robot. Guillermo Del Toro discussing Pacific Rim at Comic-Con (via The Playlist)
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When Guillermo Del Toro does giant robots, he is not messing around. 

When Guillermo Del Toro does giant robots, he is not messing around. 


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If you need some new fodder for your nightmares about robot uprisings, there’s a couple projects coming soon to the small and large screens. Online network YOMYOMF is debuting a series called “dr0ne" this August about a humanoid military robot that goes rouge and must be hunted down by the army. Coming soon to theaters, meanwhile, The Prototype features a runaway humanoid robot that must be hunted down by shadowy government agents. I’m sure both projects will try to teach lessons about what it means to be human or pose great moral questions about humankind’s relationship with machines, but I’m mostly interested in the hunting down of rampaging robots. 

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Forget Abe Lincoln and vampires — Barack Obama: Blade Runner. HOLLYWOOD, MAKE THIS HAPPEN! @creepybots
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R2-D2 is arguably the best robot in all of movie history, and by best I mean it would never turn on it’s masters and try to enslave all of humankind. Artoo is loyal and trustworthy and an all-around hero. So in honor of the 35th anniversary of Star Wars, here’s a supercut with only the “dialog” of everyone’s favorite Astro droid. 

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From the website of a collector with a serious Terminator fetish. I would not like to see his dream diary.