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Personal robots in the home? Because nothing could possibly go wrong!

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When someone does make a twerking robot (and they will), I hope we’ll all agree science has gone mad!

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A 70-foot tall robot to juggle cars? Well, it’s not quite as ridiculous as building a 50-foot tall robot Michael Jackson to roam the desert outside Las Vegas. 

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Something new for us to fear: bears in mech suits. 

(illustrations by Dave Sliozis)

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Researchers at Cornell University are teaching robots to perform a variety of tasks, like serving up an ice cream treat. Hope you weren’t counting on holding onto that summer job at Dairy Queen much longer!

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If you focus on the dreamy, romantic quality of these images by Lukasz Nowicki, you can kind of forget you’re looking at a post-robopocalyptic hellscape. 

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Tempted to get this mini comic from LastDollarComics even though I’m pretty sure I know how it ends. 

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John Oliver gets the scoop on the coming robopocalypse from Stephen Hawking. 

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You Should Learn to Trust Robots. It’s for Your Own Good | Enterprise | WIRED