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According to the BBC, a baseball team in Korea has installed telepresence robots at the stadium that fans can log into (and upload their face to) when they want to watch a game. And that’s not creepy at all. 

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Dusan Pavlic, an artist I posted about a while back, has added some new mechanical creatures to his collection of robots from around the world. 

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The robot uprising has begun in Conan O’Brien’s office. 

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Some famous creepy robots in 8-bit form by Bryan Chen / chensiming86 on tumblr/

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Best crazy tweets from hitchBOT

Best crazy tweets from hitchBOT

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Personal robots in the home? Because nothing could possibly go wrong!

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An adorable alien driving a cute little mech? Not only do we face the impending robot uprising but also alien invasion!

Shinbone Creative (you can follow @shinbonecreative on Tumblr) created this little guy based on a character from March of Robots, a soon-to-be-released art book I posted about a while back. 

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I suppose after a few bottles of Robot Invader you won’t worry so much about the impending robot uprising! Anyone know of they sell this stuff domestically?

(awesome packaging by Marco Menaballi)

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Clever twists on life and pop culture starring robots by Peter Oravetz