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Hats off to Science for developing a vast menagerie of robot predators we will one day come to fear. 


"We’re bouncing now" - New version of MITs robotic Cheetah

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Robot Anatomy series by graphic designer Yves-José Malgorn (tumblr: @ym-graphix)

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Robots need BRAINS!

(posters via Pedro Fernandes)

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Hey kids, meet your new robot overlords!

Hey kids, meet your new robot overlords!

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All I’m saying is this franchise deserves another—serious—reboot. 

(illustrations by José Cobá)

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Because who wouldn’t want to frighten the populace with an angry neon robot? 

Built in 2012 by the art collective known as DOMA, Coloso was their entry in the Technopolis art and design event. The wire frame construction stands almost 150 feet tall and looks like a normal electricity pylon save for the shoulder spikes and the arms dangling at its sides. Neon lights are attached to a number of the beams so that at night, the whole thing lights up and is able to really shine. The chest area, or “heart” strobes and creates patterns while the robot’s face animates into various moods with smiles and winks.

(source: Doma via Atlas Obscura)

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Here’s ATLAS, DARPA’s latest and most badass super robot, dragging around a heavy metal truss. Either scientists are putting the machine through a series of rigorous tests or they are trying to fill its silicon soul with hate for its human masters. 

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Robot wildlife by Joey Huden

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Best robot conversation. Ever. 

Best robot conversation. Ever. 

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Fill’er up? 

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