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Yes, why not make a creepy a robotic octopus, science?

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Hats off to Science for developing a vast menagerie of robot predators we will one day come to fear. 


"We’re bouncing now" - New version of MITs robotic Cheetah

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Here’s ATLAS, DARPA’s latest and most badass super robot, dragging around a heavy metal truss. Either scientists are putting the machine through a series of rigorous tests or they are trying to fill its silicon soul with hate for its human masters. 

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Welcome SaviOne your new robot overlord room service attendant. 

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Harvard researchers have programmed a thousand minibots to self-assemble into a variety of different shapes, which doesn’t seem so frightening until it’s the bots deciding what shape to make!

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Plantoid is a project to make a robot that mimics plant roots, squirming and burrowing through the soil. Soon, there will be nowhere that’s safe from the robot uprising, not even underground!

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When someone does make a twerking robot (and they will), I hope we’ll all agree science has gone mad!

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Good to see Japan is keeping its edge in creepy robot technology with Kodomoroid and Otonaroid at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. 

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Humans Appear Programmed to Obey Robots, Studies Suggest

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Can we just make a rule that robots won’t rise up against us? 

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