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Harvard researchers have programmed a thousand minibots to self-assemble into a variety of different shapes, which doesn’t seem so frightening until it’s the bots deciding what shape to make!

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The first step towards a robot cat: Samsung’s new robot vacuum cleaner has sensors to chase a laser pointer. 

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Creepiest robot houseboy evar!

(MM7 robot via Cybernetic Zoo)

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JIBO may be pretty amazing tech, but it is just the latest attempt by robots to invade our home. They’ve been at this a long time!

(images via The Old Robots)

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Plantoid is a project to make a robot that mimics plant roots, squirming and burrowing through the soil. Soon, there will be nowhere that’s safe from the robot uprising, not even underground!

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According to the BBC, a baseball team in Korea has installed telepresence robots at the stadium that fans can log into (and upload their face to) when they want to watch a game. And that’s not creepy at all. 

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Best crazy tweets from hitchBOT

Best crazy tweets from hitchBOT

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Personal robots in the home? Because nothing could possibly go wrong!

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Just a quick note that the 3rd annual Robot Film Festival is happening this weekend in San Francisco. You know you’ll have to sit through their films anyway after the impending robot uprising, might as well get started now.

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Researchers at Cornell University are teaching robots to perform a variety of tasks, like serving up an ice cream treat. Hope you weren’t counting on holding onto that summer job at Dairy Queen much longer!